Jeff LaVelle Wins Gold!

Sets new qualifying and race speed record!

Blue Thunder Crew Report

Post Reno Wrap Up

Rare GP-5, Racing!

Sweet Dreams It Is

14th Gold Championship

Winning Adds Up

Close Racing!

David Robinson 287.177 MPH
Colleen Keller 287.110 MPH
Alan Crawford 286.427 MPH


Sport Class Air Racing

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The purpose of the Sport Class Air Racing Association is to highlight new and innovative work being done in the development of high performance kit built aircraft.  In order to promote development of new aircraft and ideas, the aircraft eligibility is very relaxed compared to most racing.  The aircraft eligibility, as read from the Sport Class Rules, is shown below:

"Sport aircraft shall be any kit or amateur built aircraft that is certificated by the FAA and has completed a phase 1 flight test. Aircraft are to be powered by an internal combustion engine or engines totaling no more than 1000 cu in. and capable of a 200 MPH minimum qualification lap speed."

− Aircraft Eligibility

This very relaxed set of limitations inspires many ‘out of the box’ ideas in the interest of going faster.  In any given year, aircraft can be found with power plants ranging from standard Lycoming or Continential engines found on most general aviation aircraft, or as exotic as radial engines and V8 powered applications.  Power multipliers like supercharging and turbocharging are very common on the faster aircraft, not to mention exotic fuels, anti-detonation injection and Nitrous Oxide!

This diversity promotes air racing to the majority of kit built aircraft that exist today.  If your airplane meets the above requirements, you should be racing!  Anything from a beautiful RV-3 or a fire breathing NXT can be found around the pylons in September.  Learn how to get started on our Information page!

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Cheers Alan Crawford. ...

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