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Member Classifieds

The Sport Class Air Racing Association maintains a very valuable connection to our pilots.  Often times those pilots have equipment, flight gear, airplane parts, accessories or even whole airplanes available for sale.  The contributors to this classified section are current or former licensed Sport Class pilots and we maintain this list to help connect a buyer with a seller.  The Sport Class maintains no interest in what is sold, or for how much.  This is strictly a source we provide our pilots to buy/sell airplane related stuff.

Below you will find items grouped by the seller with their related contact information.  Please contact the seller for questions or to make a deal.  We the Sport Class will not be involved in the sale and therefor cannot answer any questions related to the product or the transaction itself.  Thanks!

MBU-12/P Oxygen Mask

For sale is a used MBU-12/P Oxygen Mask.  This was purchased new in 2004, not a refurbished military surplus unit.  It includes the amplified microphone cord ($100) to work with civilian communication equipment.  It has the standard J bayonet hooks and oxygen hose.  With an extension hose, this mask would work well with the A-14 regulator available above.

Contact: Tom McNerney