Pylon Racing Seminar (PRS)

PRS takes place each year in June at the Reno-Stead Airport (KRTS). Sponsored by the Reno Air Race Association, and conducted by each Race Class Organization, PRS is an opportunity for race pilots to prepare, practice and become certified to race in September. The Sport Class Air Racing Association offers education, training, and race course practice time to current race-certified pilots, and rookie pilots seeking certification. PRS is a pilot certification program, not an aircraft qualification period, and includes Ground School, Pylon Race Course flying, and a check ride with a Sport Class Check Pilot. During PRS, each pilot must have required safety equipment, including a flight suit, a helmet, and gloves. Parachutes are optional.  Each Pilot/Aircraft must have RARA named to their existing insurance policy or purchase an additional policy for this purpose. This policy information is covered in detail inside the PRS or Racing applications.

For current PRS schedules, PRS applications and deadlines, please visit the Reno Air Race Association website about PRS found here:

PRS Application and Information

Sport Class Formation Warm-up
(Mandatory for Rookies)

Immediately prior to Pylon Racing Seminar, the Sport Class holds a formation warm-up for new and returning race pilots. Following a ground school refresher briefing on formation procedures, two days of 4-ship formation training sorties are conducted. For newcomers, it is a great opportunity to get comfortable flying in and out of Stead in a formation before PRS starts. For veterans, it is a great way to sharpen formation skills in preparation for PRS. Formation Warm Up begins with ground school at 10 am on Monday before PRS, so it is recommended that you plan to arrive the Sunday prior to PRS. Transportation can be provided to the hotel if we are given an estimated time of arrival at the Reno Stead Airport. Cost for the formation warm-up clinic is $350.

Please see the Formation and PRS Study Materials and References below, or click HERE.

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Formation Prerequesites

Formation Flying is a fundamental skill involved in Sport Class Air Racing. Prospective Sport Class Racers must come to Reno with adequate formation training, skills and experience to be safe in the racing environment.

Sport Class Air Racing hosts a Formation Warm-up for its certified racers and prospective new racers. This warm-up period is mandatory for all Rookies desiring to attend PRS. However, this warm-up period is just that, a warm-up. It is not designed as a basic formation clinic to give pilots with no formation experience the training needed to be safe for solo in 2 short days. It is designed as a two-day warm-up, and a class SOP familiarization period.

In order to successful during the Sport Class Formation warm-up, pilots must be able to demonstrate adequate formation skills to be consdered safe for solo in a 4-ship or larger formation.

A prerequisite for participating in Sport Class PRS training is formation training from the following sources:

  • Military Formation Training and Experience (Training Command, UPT, Fleet or Force).
  • FFI or FAST (Industry Formation Carded, documented attandance at FAST/FFI clinics, or documented training with FFI/FAST pilots).
  • Other documented sources of formation experience, such as documented training with Sport Class pilots. This last category can be met during our Sport Class Formation warm-up, IF a pilot comes to the warm-up period with sufficient formation experience to be considered safe for solo in a 4-ship in the two day training period (3-4 flights).

Sport Class Formation Clinic and PRS Hotel Note

Accommodations are included in your PRS entry fee for some nights arranged by RARA. As an additional option, the Sport Class secures special rates during PRS and race week at the Grand Sierra Resort. Should you wish to stay at the Grand Sierra Resort, be sure to “opt out” of the included hotel room on the PRS application form. Transportation will be available to and from Stead Airfield from either hotel.

Grand Sierra Hotel Information

Each year the Sport Class secures special rates during the National Championship Air Races at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.  The following rates are available when you use the special reservation link provided, or by booking by telephone using the special Group Code found below.

2018 GSR Room Rates

DateStandard Room RateSummit Level Room Rate
Tuesday 09/04$74.00$94.00
Wednesday 09/05$74.00$94.00
Thursday 09/06$74.00$94.00
Friday 09/07$159.00$179.00
Saturday 09/08$159.00$179.00
Sunday 09/09$74.00$94.00
Monday 09/10$74.00$94.00
Tuesday 09/11$74.00$94.00
Wednesday 09/12$74.00$94.00
Thursday 09/13$74.00$94.00
Friday 09/14$159.00$179.00
Saturday 09/15$159.00$179.00
Sunday 09/16$159.00$179.00
Monday 09/17$159.00$179.00
These are the special rates offered to us by the Grand Sierra Resort. Additional Taxes and Resort Fees will Apply.
Make Reservation Here

Deadline is May 2nd!

Grand Sierra Resort Reservations Phone: (800) 501-2651
Group Code: TSCRA8

Grand Sierra Resort
2500 E 2nd St
Reno, NV 89595

Reference Materials

1-7 Required Reading

Below you will find links to training documents related to PRS and the Sport Class Formation Warm-Up. Please review all of them before attending either event. Numbers 1-7 are required reading for all participants.

Technical Inspection Documents

Below you will find links to three documents related to technical inspections.  Each airplane must be inspected by the Sport Class Technical Inspector prior to being allowed on course.  Please review the documents and ensure your aircraft meets these standards prior to attending an event.