Rules and Applications

Sport Class Official Rules of Competition

Below you will find a link to download the Sport Class Air Racing Association Rules as a PDF.  Additionally, pilots are responsible for a thorough knowledge of the Reno Air Race Association rules of competition, which can be found here.

Rules for Sport Class Air Racing: 2017

Sport Class Racing Qualifications

  • Pilots must have a minimum of 500 hours of pilot in command time in fixed wing aircraft.
  • Pilots must have 10 hours in the type of aircraft to be raced with 10 take offs and landings and 3 hours and 3 full stop landings in the actual aircraft to be raced.
  • Racers in the Sport Class must have recent, (past two years) race experience at Reno either in a race or in PRS.
  • Prospective racers without previous experience may qualify to race in the Sport Class after successful completion of the Pylon Air Racing Seminar.
  • During this seminar, prospective Sport Class pilots will receive formal Race Procedures and Safety Training culminating in a check ride.
  • Upon successful completion of the check ride a letter of competency will be issued to race in the Sport Class.
  • Parachutes are recommended, but not required. If using a parachute, it must have a current pack date. Helmet, Flight Suit and Gloves are required both for Racing and for PRS.

For current event schedules, race applications and deadlines, please visit the Reno Air Race Association website here:

Race Application and Information

Deadline is July 14th, 2017

Application Tips

Owner Data and Release of Liability (ROL)

  • If ownership of the aircraft is listed as an “LLC”, the “LLC” is the owner.
  • If it is a Trust, the Trust is the owner.
  • If the aircraft has multiple owners, each owner must be listed and each must sign the Release of Liability (ROL).

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Aircraft Safety Diagram

Grand Sierra Hotel Information

Each year the Sport Class secures special rates during the National Championship Air Races at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.  The following rates are available when you use the special reservation link provided, or by booking by telephone using the special Group Code found below.

GSR Hotel Information 2017 National Championship Air Races

National Championship Air Races (9/05/17 to 09/19/17):

  • Sunday through Thursday (09/05/17 through 09/07/17)
    • Resort Rate (lower floors): $75
    • Summit Rate (upper floors): $95
  • Friday and Saturday (09/08/17 & 09/09/17)
    • Resort Rate: $135
    • Summit Rate: $155
  • Sunday through Wednesday (09/10/17 to 09/13/17
    • Resort Rate: $75
    • Summit Rate: $95
  • Thursday through Saturday (09/14/17 to 09/16/17)
    • Resort Rate: $139
    • Summit Rate: $159
  • Sunday (09/18/17)
    • Resort Rate: $75
    • Summit Rate $95

Group code: RCAR’17
Reservations at 800-648-5080 or
Reservations must be made by: Midnight on 08/08/17