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May 2015

American Air Racing Race Fuel

By News

American Air Racing, Ltd.
5805 Alpha Ave.
Reno, NV 89506-1209
Friday, May 29, 2015

Fellow Sport Class Competitors,
To all of you who plan on using a special fuel during the September races, may we ask that
you buy the fuel from Engine Research Co. (800- 445-1479) and they will deliver it to the
American Air Racing facility at the above address on the Stead Airport. Ask that they
deliver it at the same time that they deliver the Blue Thunder fuel to save a bundle on the
shipping cost. AAR supports the Sport Class and as a part of our service, we will store the
fuel for you.

ERC stocks a large variety of high energy fuel and will very likely have exactly what you
want in stock, and if they don’t, Rick Gold, owner of ERC, will blend it for you.

Visit ERC at and check out what Rick can do for you.

John G Parker
American Air Racing Ltd.