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September 2022

2022 Sport Gold Champion – Mathias Haid

By News

Mathias Haid Wins!

Mathias Haid overcame what most people would consider a hard start to a week of racing with a complete engine change.  With poor weather closing in, an engine that wasn’t too happy and the available qualifying days ticking down to zero, Mathias was able to squeeze out a lap to get Sport 51 on the qualifying list at 314.761 mph, in light rain no less.  With a time officially on the board, that gave the dedicated crew some time to figure out what that V12 engine needed.  The highly tuned race motor just wasn’t happy so the Thunder Mustang crew began an engine change to what some call a ‘ferry’ or ‘transport’ motor.  This engine has less horsepower, but much more reliable.  Thankfully fellow racer Matt Ramsey had his spare engine available after his race motor failed on Sunday during the first practice.  With engine on hand, tools a plenty and a crew to work late nights, they started the swap.

It turns out this more reliable engine would power Sport 51 to a win on Sunday, the most important day.  It was a joy to see Mathias return to the ramp and share the excitement with the rest of the Sport Class, as shown in the photos.  He has gone from a tiara wearing rookie of the year to Sport Class Champion and we couldn’t be more proud of what he has accomplished.  Congratulations Mathias and crew, well deserved.

~Tom McNerney

~ Photos by: Mark Loper