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Blue Thunder II Crew Report

By August 16, 2014News

This is a quick note to let everyone know we are back from the AirVenture Cup Race and the Oshkosh convention safe and sound.

We were lucky to be able to compete in the Venture Cup and didn’t do too badly considering the circumstances. Check out the results at

The Blue Crew is in a major rush to prepare for the Reno Air Races in just about three weeks so forgive me please if I cut this report a bit short.

The Oshkosh convention was as overwhelming as usual and I will have an extensive AirVenture Cup Race, Oshkosh Convention and Reno Air Races report in October.

May I remind everyone that you are invited to the 14th annual Blue Thunder open house we call Thunder Storm during the Reno Races September 10th – 14th. Bring your TM if you wish and we will care for it. Food and beverage when AROD as usual.

Thanks so much for everyone’s support because your support is what makes this possible.

John & Jan Parker