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Blue Thunder II Crew Report

By July 7, 2014News

Press release: For immediate release.
“Blue Thunder II Crew Report”
Wednesday, July 02, 2014

It has been too long since you have received any information about Blue Thunder II and the crew. In our last report we had installed a new data recorder and preparing for the Mojave Experimental Fly-In. You have all heard about the events at Mojave in other publications and our experience was quite successful. I used the trip down and back as a test to see how we can do in the AirVenture Cup Race on July 27th we can review the results at the Oshkosh Convention.

01The Mojave event held April 19th and 20th was a great success Blue II’s crowd acceptance and for Lee Behel who set new NAA/FAI speed records in the C-1b categories for the 3 and 15 km closed course distances and the 3km TTC. Congratulations Lee.

Mike Patey set a new 1000 and 2000 km speed record in his new Lycoming 780 powered Lancair. We hope to see him in Reno next year.

May 8th saw the start of formation practice and training in preparation for the Sport Class formation clinic June 8th and 9th with the PRS starting immediately after. The PRS is not a big spectator event but does get a lot of coverage from the performance world trying to get a lead as to what will happen in September.

03During the event, we were able to get several photo opportunities and the two photos here are an example of the shots. More photos of Blue II as well as the gathering at the PRS can be seen in the gallery at

As I mentioned above, Blue II will be at AirVenture for the week along with as many three other Thunder Mustangs. We will be meeting and greeting our Sponsors and friends at Oshkosh and we invite everyone to come by the Reno Air Racing display and say hello. I will be passing out free autographed Reno Air Race programs.

Upon our return to Reno, we will be preparing Blue II for the September races held on the 7th through the 14th. As a reminder, American Air Racing will be holding the 14th annual open house, normally called “Thunder Storm”. Everyone interested in Thunder Mustangs or air racing in general is invited to come by and visit, partake of some refreshment, buy the T-shirt and talk to the Thunder Mustang owners.

So once again I wish to thank all of our Sponsors, Fans and Friends for their support because without you, we couldn’t do what we do.

John & Jan Parker

Blue Thunder Air Racing
5805 Alpha Avenue
Reno, Nevada 89506
(775) 677-4860