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Dave Morss

Race # 99

Lancair Legacy – “Martins Legacy”


Dave Morss of Redwood City, CA is a three time Sport Class Gold Champion, flying the Lancair Legacy he built. He is a test pilot with over 27,000 hours in over 300 different types of aircraft including 40 prototype first flights.

A Pylon racer since 1980, Dave has raced in Biplane, Formula One, Unlimited, Jet and Sport Class. He has competed in more races than any other pilot in the history of air racing, 223 races and counting.

In Sport Class, he won 1st place Gold in 1998, 1999, 2000; 3rd place Gold in 2002 and 1st place Silver in 2003 and 2004. His fastest speed at Reno so far is 444.723 m.p.h. flying an L39, Tejas Pistolaero.

Dave holds a number of records and awards including the NAA Pulitzer Award 1998, 1999 for Sport Class records, Spirit of Flight Award 1998 (Society of Experimental Test Pilots), a two time recipient Bob Downey Memorial Award for most inspirational competitor (IF1) and the George Owl Outstanding New Design Award (IF1). In 2011, Dave piloted the Team Pipistrel aircraft and won the NASA Green Flight Challenge. Additionally, he set thirteen world speed records, ten of which stand.

You can read more about his flying and flying experiences on his website,