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Ernie Sutter

Race # 66

Lancair Legacy – “Just Passin’ Thru”


Ernie grew up in the Bay Area of California and now lives in The Woodlands, TX. At his stage in life he enjoys mentoring and being involved… be it church, his love for the outdoors as a Eagle scout or community activities. His first business as a young teenager was selling news papers and Beekeeping with his SutterGold Honey Co., later dabbling in realestate development and now helping to develop the premier Internet/Com munition system called Trying in the past, because of resources the dream of flying for whatever reason never really came to being till he returned from a tour in the Army from 1967 thur 1970. Returning to finish college he joined a flying club and along with the GI Bill, the passion and destiny for flying came to life…. He has logged more than 33,000hrs of flying in nearly 100 different aircraft and holds a CFII/ME, ATP, Flight Engineer and Commercial license in Land and Sea aircraft. Though he wished he had the opportunity to fly in the military, he has experienced most all other parts of aviation. Including Test Pilot, Instructor, Corporate, Commuter, Freight, Recon, running a FBO, and retiring as a Airline Check Pilot with Continental Airlines. Continental called him back to be a instructor and also be part of the team hiring new pilots as needed…. though he was paid, it was regarded as a privilege. Now in addition to being very active with testing and training, he flies till the Shuttle is retired, a Sabreliner 65 for USA/NASA moving corporate personnel, mostly between Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers.

His first introduction to racing was in 1975 flying a B-23 durning the Lincoln Air Races. Since building his Lancair Legacy in 2004 he has respectfully competed at Reno for the last 7 years with his stock “out of the box” Legacy, always sitting about the middle of the Sport Class pack. In 2010 he was high point standing with Sport Air Racing League in his class. Racing has been an exciting addition to his carrier. He is involved with a proto type that may hit 400mph, but for now will settle with 5th in the Gold and winning the Silver Class in 2009 at 296mph

Ernie fells there are many more flying hours ahead of him and is willing to help and mentor anyone with the passion to fly….