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Kevin Eldredge

Race # 42

Nemesis NXT – “Relentless”


Kevin Eldredge has competed in the Sport Class since 2000 when he entered a really fast RV3. After enduring the entire week as an alternate, the RV3 was sold and Kevin bought a Stewart Mustang and then a Glasair III that was sure to get in the race “Lucky MOJO” Race 47. This stock Glasair III raced in several different iterations both turbo and non-turbo over the years. The first few years it ran in the high 200’s but quickly surpassed 300mph when fitted with a highly modified Lycoming tsio-540. The aircraft was sold to Kevin’s very good friend Gary Mead and subsequently is now being raced by our Class President Bob Mills who is clearly looking to push it even faster!

In 2005 Kevin completed building one of only 9 Nemesis NXT’s ever built and named it “Relentless”.  Race 42 has endured many challenges over the years: gear failures, engine failures, and prop ejections have all tested Kevin’s patience, skills, and wallet! After a few years trying some alternative engine components and configurations the NXT has now been totally refitted, including a fresh EFii-TT-540 Lycoming, center single pilot seating, and a complete suit of avionics and data collection gear.

Special thanks goes out to Team Relentless Sponsors for 2019:

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We are Relentless!!