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Klaus Savier

Race # 111

Long EZE – “Determinator”


Klaus Savier has been flying since 1976, and has logged over 5,000 hours of flight time.

More than half of his flight time is in testing new technologies and ideas to improve flight efficiency. Klaus flies with his own Plasma III ignition systems that he markets through Light Speed Engineering since 1986.  He also designs and builds his own propellers.

He has designed many of the unique engine parts flying in his Long EZ, including the pistons, accessory case, fuel injection, carbon oil sump, carbon tuned induction system as well as aerodynamic fairings.  His Long EZ and Vari Eze are technology demonstrators for Light Speed Engineering and have always operated well above other similar airplanes.

Klaus currently holds 3 world records with his airplanes and has won numerous speed and efficiency races since 1985.

The Determinator is a highly modified Long EZ with a very special Lycoming 0-360 engine producing close to 250 HP at only 2800 rpm. Two Plasma III CDI ignitions are used together with an electronic high pressure timed sequential fuel injection that delivers into a tuned carbon fiber intake system designed and built at LSE. Fuel mixture is automatic based on a Lambda closed loop system. Ignition timing is also automatic as is typical for the Light Speed Engineering Plasma CDI systems.

The canard uses a proprietary airfoil designed by Klaus Savier for his Vari Eze. The cowling, wheel fairings, spinner and gear leg fairings are all custom designs. Spinners, wheel pants and gear leg fairings are available from LSE.

The Determinator’s propeller is designed and built by Klaus. It is a 68” diameter and 99” pitch carbon fiber and wood construction. All airfoil profiling is done by hand.

The 27’ span Determinator is designed for efficient XC speeds and weighs just over 900 lbs empty. The max climb rate is between 2500 and 3000ft/min depending on prop. The top speed is >260mph and the cruise speed is > 250mph at 17,500 ft using less than 7 gph.



1st Photo Credit: Patrick Lefevre