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Lynn Farnsworth

Race # 44

Lancair Super Legacy – “Miss Karen II”


Retired Air Force Fighter/Airline Pilot with over 13,000 hours of flying time in 20 different types aircraft. He races a Lancair Legacy. The plane he flys at the Reno Air Races is modeled after Darryl Greenamyer’s #33 Legacy. Lynn is a Vietnam era fighter pilot. He flew F-100s and F-4s in Vietnam and Thailand. He was a Misty FAC and was shot down twice (the 1st time on his birthday and the 2nd time exactly two months later) while performing that mission. If you care to read about the exploits of Lynn and his fellow F-100 Misty FACs, they have published a book named “Misty”. It is available online or at many fine bookstores. After exiting active duty he joined the Air National Guard and flew F-105s and F-4s. His money making job was Airline Pilot, but his fun job was Fighter Pilot.

After retiring from airline flying he started looking for some way to get back to the fun flying. He found just what he was looking for when he discovered the Lancair Legacy. It took twenty months to build the aircraft. Lynn named the Super Legacy, Miss Karen II, (Miss Karen was an F-100 Lynn flew at Phan Rang Air Base, Republic of Vietnam) after Lynn’s wife Karen, who has tolerated his Fighter Pilot act all these years. Miss Karen II’s race number, 44, is in honor of his youngest son Kyle, who wore that uniform number for six years pitching for the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers baseball teams.  Kyle is still wearing #44, now playing for the New York Mets.  This is his 16th year at the Major League level.

Lynn’s first race was in 2005 and last was in 2013, only missing 2011.