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Mark Frederick

Race # 12

F1 Rocket – “El Toro”


Mark Frederick launched his aviation career in 1984 flying a Cessna 140, but has fond memories of flying with his father before he could even walk. Mark and his wife Cheryl live in Taylor, Texas on a 44-acre farm with a grass airstrip, aptly named “Macho Grande” (41XS), along with three semi-helpful dogs, and one feisty cat. Mark is not the only flyer in residence, as they also raise free-range poultry.

Getting started building experimental airplanes in 1990, Mark completed his 1st RV-4 in 1992, followed by a Harmon Rocket II in 1996. This experience was refined in the development of the F1 Rocket, which resulted in the establishment of Team Rocket LP, and the sale of over 175 F1 Rocket kits.

Mark’s first Reno Air Race was in 2003, flying an IO-540-engined F1 Sport Wing at an average speed of 245 mph. His quest for a quicker lap led to the development of a tapered wing version of the F1 (distinguished as the “Evo”) which he raced in 2004 and 2005. Race speeds during that time progressed steadily upwards to the mid 250’s. His current ride, Sport 12, is an F1 Evo first flown in 2010 and campaigned under the name “El Toro”. This final production version of the F1 series is powered by a Continental IO550-N turning a Hartzell blended-airfoil propeller. In 2012, Race 12 qualified just under 261 mph.

The First Texas 100 Air Race in 1996 was hosted by Mark, which was held in conjunction with the Georgetown Air Show. This initial racing foray morphed into the now-popular SARL races, chaired by Mike Thompson. Mark has recently given back to the sport by mentoring new racers during Pylon Racing School at Reno.

Working part-time for Brazoria County as a mosquito Control pilot is an enjoyable job for Mark. He is active with the Falcon Flight Formation Team, and also a member of the Commemorative Air Force where he is a Squadron Leader, and is one of the pilots of the B-25 “Devil Dog”. In his spare time, Mark enjoys flying his WWII era C-45, or his family’s Champ.

Brian Rodgers continues as the distinguished, and dedicated, crew chief. Sport 12 is proudly sponsored by Airflow Performance, Airplane Plastics, Colorado Air Parts, Flyboy Accessories, and Team Rocket LP.