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Pete Malone

Race # 105

Radial Rocket TD


Pete’s first solo at age 16 began his flying career with some of his primary instruction given by his father in his AT-6. At age 24 he was frequently seen flying his father’s T-28C . He went on to fly night freight in DC-3′s, Beech 18′s, and MU-2′s . In 1998 he opened AG AIR Inc. , a crop dusting business that now operates two AT-602′s in Southeast Missouri.

With 18,000 hours flight time in 50 different type aircraft and ATP rated, Pete is one of four generations of professional pilots. Starting in 1925, his Grandfather flew airmail, was a pilot for Chicago & Southern airlines, and was later a test pilot for North American Aircraft during WWII. Pete’s father starting in 1957 was a cropduster and later Missouri State Director of Aviation. Following tradition, his son fly’s professionally as well.

In 2012 He made the decision to get qualified and licensed to race attending PRS that year. He went on to race as well, taking 3rd in Bronze in his Radial Rocket built by John M Farquhar Jr.