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Pete Zaccagnino

Race # 28

Lancair Legacy / Lancair IV


Pete Zaccagnino was born in New Brunswick, NJ and currently resides in Park City, UT. This is his 10th year racing in the Sport Class and in 2007 took the gold championship. He holds an ATP, CFII and MEI, Rotorcraft, SES, MES, Commercial Glider and over 17,000 hours TT. In 2013 Pete won the Gold Championship in the Jet class at 509mph, and as in an instructor for the same. Pete has multiple Jet type ratings and has Test Flown numerous aircraft for both civilian and military operations worldwide. He is an Aeronautical Engineer and has built a highly modified Lancair Race Legacy.

Current projects include “Dangerous Flights” A Discovery Channel program about Ferry Flying. Season 1 aired in 2011, Worldwide release in 2012 and completed filming season 2 airing January 2014. In the fall of 2012 we completed the documentary “Return to Air Racing” which examines what it is like to be a part of an air racing team returning to race at the National Championship Air Races after a fatal accident.

In 2013 Pete founded Supersonic Productions, a production company that focuses on high quality instructional, educational and entertaining training episodes and is currently developing a compelling new series for pilots and aviation enthusiasts featuring a multitude of aircraft, weather and real life emergency scenarios called “Excellent Aviators”.

Pete trains in many military aircraft, Test flys and on his days off is skiing or flying for the fun of it.  Pete will be flying Lancair’s own TSIO-550 powered Lancair Race Legacy.