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Peter Balmer

Race # 67

Thunder Mustang


Peter is the only Swiss Air Race Pilot in the sport class, living in Interlaken Switzerland. He flies a Thunder Mustang, which is a replica of the world famous North American P51 Mustang. Peter flies “Clas Thunder” and will be flying his newly acquired Thunder Mustang “Race 67”. Peter enjoyed success racing in his first year at Reno, placing 3rd in the Sports Gold class.

Peter’s love for flying began with paragliding and skydiving but quickly grew to flying aircraft.  Peter holds a ATPL pilot’s license for both airplanes and helicopters. His experience includes flying business jets, mountain flying in the Himalayas of Nepal, helicopter rescue in the Swiss Alps and is a flight instructor, as well as an examiner. Peter loves the challenge of flying, though his emphasis is always on safety and friendship first.
Before Peter started flying, he focused on mountaineering, climbing many of the biggest north faces of the Alps, such as the Eiger, Matterhorn and Grande Jorasse.  Peter did multiple expeditions in the Himalayas and Andes. Throughout this time he worked as a professional mountain guide.

Peter is now managing his companies Scenic Air, Skydive Switzerland, MX Management and Share Plane, which are all based in Interlaken, Switzerland.