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Tom McNerney

Race # 55

Lancair 360 – “Unleashed”


Tom started flying after a Young Eagles flight provided by his local EAA chapter. It took a few years, but later he picked up a ratty old Cessna 150 and started to rack up the hours. Then the air race bug bit. Having narrowed it down to a 2 seat composite airplane, he found “Unleashed” for sale fresh out of the 2006 Reno Air Races. It was a steep learning curve, but 250 hours later and many modifications Unleashed is faster then ever.  The previous year has been dedicated to a firewall forward upgrade including a much needed cowling.  A few days prior to PRS 2012 Tom also got his FAST Wingman card.  Kim McNerney is the Crew Chief as she knows the airplane inside and out.  The team has a goal for this year, the same it is every year, to put as many six cylinder aircraft behind them as possible, and be sure to let them know about it! 🙂  Follow the progress on the official Unleashed website:

Also check out the Unleashed Air Racing Facebook page!



Photo Credits:
Jim Bryant
Neal Nurmi – Wingman Photo
Chris Luvara –
Andy Martin
Mark E Loper –