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Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder Crew Report 09/25/13

By News

The 2013 Reno Championship air races are in the history books and the Blue Crew must congratulate Jeff LaVelle for his outstanding work and the win in the Sport Gold race.

Putting the best spin on second place being the first loser, the Blue Crew is proud of our performance in taking second in the Gold at respectable speeds of 390 and change MPH. Though 390+ was not quite enough to win, it is all we had and we were quite consistent all week long. Read More

John Parkers Crowned Sport Class Winner 2011

By News

There is a little good news that can be gleaned from the September air races and that is we won the only Sport Gold Race that was completed. The Thursday race was canceled when Mike Dacey had an engine failure on takeoff and put his Venture down in the infield. The good news is that Mike is back home in San Louis Obispo facing a long recovery. Thanks to many of you who donated to fly him back in a King Air arranged by Kevin Eldredge. As much as I would like to, of course, it is impossible to avoid touching on the unpredictable tragic event with our friend Jimmy Leeward that happened on Friday just after we won the Sport Gold. Our condolences go out to everyone affected by this tragic accident.