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Jon Sharp

The Jon Sharp Story

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Recently a company named Coastal Enterprises, manufacturers of foam tooling board called Precision Board, detailed the history of the “winningest pilot in the history of air racing”, Jon Sharp.  The definition of winningest pilot would be this: 15 Reno Air Racing National Championships.  This article, beautifully written by Brad Burnett, covers the entire history of Jon Sharp and Team Nemesis from the beginning in Formula 1 to the fire breathing NemesisNXT sport class racer.  Follow the links below to read the full story on the Coastal Enterprises website.

Part 1: A detailed history about Jon and his background with manufacturing prototypes

Life at Skunk Works Through The Eyes of Jon Sharp

Part 2: Nemesis and his racing career

Races in The Sky: The Jon Sharp Story

Jon Sharp Retires

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After 32 years of pylon racing success, and innovation, aIr racing legend Jon Sharp, and team leader of Nemesis® Air Racing is “Callin’ It A Day” by announcing his retirement from pylon racing, He’s walking away as the winningest pilot in the history of Air Racing.

Jon and his Team holds many of the most cherished records in air racing, including speed records on every race course flown in both the Formula 1 “Nemesis®”, and the most recent Sport/Super Sport class NemesisNXT®. His Team’s prestigious pylon racing resume includes winning a record 15 Reno Air Racing National Championships.

Sharp’s 14th Gold Championship!

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Release from NemesisNXT Website:

This year marks Sharp’s 30th year of racing, but more importantly, this victory is his 14th Gold Championship. No pilot in the history of air racing has ever achieved this goal! Jon Sharp is the most successful air race pilot in the world, has broken numerous speed records, achieved several aviation awards and all with his own aircraft designs!

Sharp makes this look so easy, but it could not have been possible without his incredible team, his dedicated sponsors and his extraordinary dream to create the ultimate race planes. Read More

Nemesis Speed Blast A Success!

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Congratulations to Jon Sharp and Team Nemesis!!!

Jon Sharp and his Nemesis NXT have broken a speed record that endured 19 years in a run down Runway 36/18 at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh on Wednesday. The tricked-out racer with a Lycoming Thunderbolt engine shattered the old record of 331 mph in the 3Km C1-b Speed Blast category by covering three kilometers in 18.75 seconds for a speed of 356 mph, according to the preliminary measurements. Although the final numbers may change, it seems unlikely they’ll vary enough to knock Sharp out of the record books.

The speed run took place in front of thousands of people lining the runway and was a prelude to what is hoped to be an even faster run on Saturday. For Wednesday’s flight, Nemesis had to be lean and light to fit the weight category. Saturday’s flight won’t have those restrictions and the team intends to hang every speed modification they can on the aircraft.

As reported on AVWEB