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Reno 2013 – A Report from Race 99

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Reno 2013 – A Report from Race 99
by Karen Morss

Me: What time are you leaving tomorrow, Dave?
Dave: Wheels up, 7am.
Me: Isn’t that a little early?
Dave: Are you kidding me? There are seven planes there already.

And so began our trip to Stead, Nevada for the 50th National Championship Air Races. This year had been fraught with challenges. But you know what they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We were thrilled just to be going. And especially honored by the story in the program, ‘A Racer and his Wife’. Read More

Freshly Minted Racer

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2013 Sport Class “Rookie” School – Thrills Without the Spills

After nine years of crewing for friends in the Sport Class and watching racers circle the course at Stead field in front of adoring fans (many in Orange), I finally bit the bullet and signed up for the 2013 Pylon Racing Seminar and FAST formation clinic. I arrived in Race 52, a borrowed Lancair Legacy named “Poncho” (built and owned by Jim “JT” Thomas), on Sunday afternoon ahead of some impressive afternoon thunderstorms and was quickly tucked away into the cavernous Sport Class hangar on the west end of the ramp. Read More