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Tommy Rose Award goes to Kevin Eldredge for 2010

By September 27, 2010March 14th, 2014News

The Rose Family created the “Tommy Rose” award to be awarded each year to the Racer that demonstrates the most improvement and or airmanship professionalism for the year. The award was created in loving memory of Tommy Rose, whom was killed during a sport class race in 2002 when his aircraft impacted the ground.

Kevin’s calm handling of the Mayday during qualification when his engine starved of oil came appart and ultimately broke the propeller off. Training and experience allowed the plane to be saved during the dead stick landing to runway 14.

The real honor in the “Tommy Rose Airmen Achievement Award” is that is awarded to the racer by the governing body of the sport class, comprised of fellow racers that are determined to preserve the safety and competitive nature of the class.

Congratulations Kevin, great save…